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Afternoon Tea Bawtry: A Short History Of This Popular Pastime

Afternoon tea Bawtry is an activity that many in the town and the surrounding areas love to take part in. Locals consistently travel to the surrounding towns of Retford, Worksop, Gainsborough and so on to find new places to eat Nottinghamshire way. But while people from all backgrounds now enjoy the social experience of a good afternoon tea with friends, or on their own, the reality is that it wasn't always that way. Explore a short history of afternoon tea and learn more about how it became such a treasured national pastime.

While Brits may be known to the world as the quintessential lovers of tea, they cannot take credit for inventing a brew. That honour goes to China. But as mercantilism and international trade grew during the early 17th Century, imported tea became a big hit with King Charles II and Queen Catherine of Braganza. But the activity of afternoon tea in Bawtry and elsewhere in the UK wasn't introduced by these royals. During the mid-19th century, Anna, Duchess of Bedford, became frustrated with the hunger she felt between lunch and dinner. As a result, she asked for a tray complete with bread, butter, cake and, of course, tea to be brought to her room during late afternoon.

Anna would begin inviting her friends to enjoy this activity with her. The notion of this 'pause for tea' spread and soon became a staple of the upper-classes during the late 19th Century. The traditional Bawtry afternoon tea enjoyed by the rich and regal of the local area would have consisted of sandwiches, scones with preserves and clotted cream, cakes, pastries and tea imported from colonial India and British Ceylon (Sri Lanka). While today's afternoon tea Nottinghamshire and nationwide is may be very different. But, one thing is for sure – the afternoon tea tradition is stronger than it has been for years.

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