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Afternoon Tea Nottinghamshire Wide – What Makes The Perfect Afternoon Tea?

Afternoon tea Nottinghamshire based options are a continuation of a quintessentially English tradition. The custom takes place in many of the picturesque counties of Britain and there is an abundance of places to eat Nottinghamshire wide, which offer afternoon tea. But have you ever wondered what afternoon tea actual is, what it consists of, and how you find the right place to have this type of refreshment? This article explores the history of the tradition in England and provides some guidance on what makes the perfect afternoon tea, including tips on food, location and service.

Choosing Quality Places To Eat Nottinghamshire Wide For Afternoon Tea

Tea, is of course at the heart of the tradition afternoon tea, but as quintessentially English as it may seem, it was not introduced to the country until the reign of King Charles II. Even then, it was just a beverage that was introduce by the King, and his court. It was not until the 19th Century that the concept of afternoon tea was born, thanks to the seventh Duchess of Bedford, Anna, who wanted something light to eat during the long gap between lunch and dinner, which would not have been served until around 8pm. Anna would have a tray of bread and butter, cakes and tea brought to her room between 4pm and 5pm. Soon, Anna was sharing the experience with friends. Afternoon tea Retford and beyond would later become a fashionable way for the ladies of the upper classes to spend the afternoon, including dressing for the occasion, and having the light meal served in the drawing room of their house. The tradition’s appeal widened encompassing the newly formed middle classes, before going out of favour. However, in recent years’ afternoon tea Bawtry and beyond into other counties, has become a popular pastime once again. And while it is rarely ever served in a drawing room, some parts of the tradition have remained the same. This includes taking your time over the refreshments and enjoying them with friends or family as part of a social get together. A place for afternoon tea Nottinghamshire wide may be chosen as much for the quiet and relaxed atmosphere as it is for the food and service.

Enjoy Exceptional Food With Clumber Park Café

But, what can you expect from an afternoon tea? Much depends on the area of the country where you are experiencing the activity, and the level of tradition that is followed in the establishment. A traditional afternoon tea consists of small triangular cut sandwiches with different luxury filings, and of course cucumber sandwiches. Dainty cakes are also served along with traditional tea to drink. Clumber Park afternoon tea options may also include pastries or scones served with clotted cream and jam. Coffee may be served as an alternative to tea, and some eateries may even offer sparkling wine or prosecco for an added level of sophistication and luxury. But, an afternoon tea at a Clumber Park café is not just about Nottinghamshire food, it is also about the atmosphere that is created. One way in which a traditional afternoon tea atmosphere might be created is with the use of china cups and a china tea service, this adds to the sophistication and delicate nature of the tea – plus there are those who believe that tea tastes much better from a china cup. Exceptional service is also part of the overall charm of an afternoon tea, along with an excellent location that allows you to become seeped in the history of the tradition. For this reason, many people opt for traditional cafes in picturesque locations to enjoy their afternoon tea. If you’re looking for a quality afternoon tea around Clumber Park, visit The Crew Yard Café & Bistro at Budby.

The Best Afternoon Tea Nottinghamshire Wide Can Be Found At The Crew Yard Café & Bistro

The Crew Yard Café & Bistro in Budby is part of the Budby Antiques complex. As well as our excellent range of antiques, our converted barn is also home to one of the best places to eat Nottinghamshire wide. Everything we serve at your table is made by us on site, including sauces and salad dressings. We care about our food and our customers. Our afternoon tea Nottinghamshire based is popular with regular visitors and tourists alike. To find out more about our menu and our events catering opportunities, visit our website at https://budbyantiques.co.uk, or call us direct on 01623 822252.