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Afternoon Tea Retford: Why We Love This Tradition

Afternoon tea Retford way is an activity that so many people in the area love to partake in. But why do we love having a chat over a good pot of tea, scrumptious scones and delightful cakes? Well, there are definitely a few reasons we can explore. A large part of its appeal is just how steeped afternoon tea is in our history and traditions. Said to have begun during the mid-19th Century, afternoon tea Nottinghamshire wide was once the domain of the upper class. But over time, it became a more widely appreciated activity.

From its 19th Century beginnings, afternoon tea has become a tradition that is now observed all over the country. However, it did fall out of favour for some time. It was a pastime that often stereotypically portrayed within societies, and in media, as an activity that only middle-aged and older women of the middle classes took part in. However, that image has really changed in recent years. One can certainly credit some of that change to the popularity of TV shows like 'The Great British Bake Off'. Now afternoon tea Ollerton, Nottinghamshire and even nationwide is an activity enjoyed by all without barriers.

So, when it comes to looking for places to eat Nottinghamshire wide, it's not just restaurants that dominate the scene. Many people look for new experiences in unique cafes and bistros. One such option for Worksop and Newark afternoon tea lovers is The Crew Yard Café & Bistro. Under new ownership and located on the site of the Budby Antiques & Vintage Emporium, this little eatery is full of delectable food and drink for breakfast seekers, lunch lovers and sweet tooth’s alike. To view our new menu, please visit https://budbyantiques.co.uk. If you have any questions, we're happy to help. Just phone us on 01623 822252 or email info@budbyantiques.co.uk.